Harry & Jon; 9/28

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Master post from where Harry goes from cute baby to ima fuck the shit out of you tonight


heres adorable smiling goofy Harry

and here is

let me make your ovaries explode Harry

thats ‘i dont know what your talking about Harry’

then we have actual sunshine Harry that makes me want to stab my self

i dont get how one goes from cute little sunshine to Im going to fuck you once i get home

heres a master post on harry styles being well


heres a gif that the whole fandom is turned on by

because hes am assholes

and then this one where hes just a little giggling boy

but we cant forget about this one the way his jaw looks omfg i want to ice skate on it

the gif above makes me…


i hate this website everyone’s hotter than me wtf

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how to be smooth as hell with your crush

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Harry jumped into the audience and hugged a fan called Jessica for her birthday x/x

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Narry’s entire fight - Where We Are Tour - Charlotte, NC (27/09/14)


Niall’s reaction to a fan’s joke

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